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What captures peoples attention, what drives them to recommend you to their friends?

This week we share some Product campaigns:

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Planned for next week: campaigns with focus on service propositions.

Want to know how you can find relevant campaigns on your own? Then Email us, we will provide more information on novuter MarketWatch.

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Boost your business today with the right information

Realize untapped opportunities with the Digital Assistant

Digital Assistant: Opportunity Management for 360° Commerce

Businesses operating in dynamic markets with focus on customer behaviors, are using Digital Assistant to realize untapped opportunities in the new, volatile and complex world.
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Get more Answers, not more Data

Numbers dont talk but data stories do. Get business insights in business language. Understand insights in the given context, get recommended next steps and define your focus scope.
  • Attractive items for 2nd-time buyers based on interest
  • Order data of last 6 weeks
  • Interpretations
  • Recommendations
  • Narrow down the scope

Go from Answers to Impact

Set your goal and let the target-driven framework to guide you to the results. The task-to-be-done provides structured and simple path to your targets by guiding you throughout the process.
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Manage Opportunities

Discover untapped opportunities, explore and realize them in a managed approach. Lean opportunity exploration will allow to realize more opportunities fast and frequently.

Find Best Opportunities & Trigger Actions

Opportunities can be pursued in many different paths with different actions. Understand and compare the profit or loss impacts of your decisions before executing them. Find the best opportunity and actions with predicted outcomes.
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